Organization Leader

Organization Leader

Are employees spending "off-work" time caring for family or friends? Are you leading in a health care or elder care organization employing professional caregivers?

Does your employees' caregiver burden:

  • Create workplace distractions?
  • Undermine productivity?
  • Increase use of sick or personal time?
  • Result in leave-of-absence or quitting?

Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver

Are you caring for family, friends or neighbors who are ill, disabled, elderly or a special needs child?

Does caring for others ever:

  • Take a toll on your health?
  • Strain family relations?
  • Interfere with your job?
  • Leave you feeling overwhelmed or alone?


Professional Caregiver

Professional Caregivers

Are you a professional, paid staff or volunteer in health care or elder care?

Does being a professional ever:

  • Take a toll on your health?
  • Destroy your work-life balance?
  • Strain workplace relations?
  • Create burnout or compassion fatigue?



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