What evaluations show about the beta-test of our caregiver programs...

Based on a comparison of pre-post data, we have seen statistically significant positive results in three areas. The caregiver support program offered to our employees:

  1. Demonstrated our organization’s care and concern for our employees. (Outcome #1)
    • More employees believe the organization recognizes their caregiver stress and is addressing that issue by providing the caregiver program resources. (p<0.01/99%)
    • More employees now believe the organization’s caring values and healing mission apply to them. (p<0.05/95%)
  2. Positively impacted participating employee caregivers. (Outcome #2)
    • Employees have a stronger ability to manage caregiver stress. (p<0.05/95%)
    • Productivity was positively affected.
  3. Positively affected those receiving care at (our organization). (Outcome #3)
    • Employees’ interactions with patients/residents/clients have improved. (p<0.10/90%)

What clients say about Partners on the Path...

To organizations considering working with Partners on the Path, we can attest that our experience was an extremely positive one. Jane is tremendously skilled in consulting, facilitating, teaching, writing, and public speaking. She "walks the talk," manifesting the caring and compassion that she teaches. Jane is a content expert on the issue of caregiving.

Partners on the Path products, services, and interactions were always of the highest quality. Jane’s passion and energy on the topic fueled our work with her in establishing Care for Caregivers that raised compassion and consciousness about the scope of caregiving. Jane works with integrity and professionalism. She is down-to-earth, personable, and a very positive partner.

We enjoyed the experience of working with Partners on the Path and are delighted with the outcomes of our project. We confidently recommend Jane Hamilton and Partners on the Path for expert consulting and support to caregivers.

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Patrice Morris, Dean
Experience Learning & Organizational Change
Holy Redeemer Health System

Patricia McGettigan, Licensed Psychologist, Administrative Director
Holy Redeemer Counseling Center

Jane was good enough to make Caring for the Caregiver one of the "partners on her path!"

She spoke about caregiving to an audience of caregivers at our recent Caregiver Fair.

According to our evaluation mathematics, she outscored our regular speakers, including me!

Our audience appreciated her sincerity, and they also liked her delivery – she stayed in conversation with them for the whole of her presentation.

One other high point – we gave her 45 minutes; at the end, she looked at her watch, said her good-byes, and was done in 45 minutes!

Craig Jennings, Founder
Caring for the Caregiver

Jane’s passion for her mission to bring care to caregivers pours through all aspects of her work. She brings tremendous experience, compassion, and empathy to her profession and the result is outstanding material for her clients. The team at Home Helpers is pleased to partner with Jane for the benefit of our clients, caregivers, professional staff, and the community as a whole.

Frank Esterle, Certified Senior Advisor, Owner
Home Helpers and Direct Link

“So often, advice for caregivers focuses on simplistic suggestions like “get some sleep” or “get away.” However, Partners on the Path provides a greater service for both professional and family caregivers with the self-care advice they offer in The 7C’s of Self-Care. Thoroughly researched, yet readable and realistic, The 7C’s help caregivers assess their own emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual resources. Personal caregiving stories that are emotionally honest help caregivers see that they are not alone and their feelings are valid. Self-care recommendations show caregivers many practical things they can do to take care of themselves.

Over the past three years, we at National Episcopal Health Ministries have had the pleasure of working with Partners on the Path. Their conference presentations, program materials, book, and website are high quality and have always been well received by our members. The tone of the content they offer and the way they work with clients are down-to-earth, but still very professional.

One final note: The 7C’s model of self-care, both on the website and in the book, is easy to move through and manages the neat trick of being useful without being terribly time-consuming…perfect for those whose resources are already stretched!”

Matthew Ellis
Executive Director
National Episcopal Health Ministries

“ While personally or professionally rewarding, caring for others can be extremely demanding and, over time, can deplete the caregiver’s resources. Partners on the Path teaches well-researched, yet very practical self-care practices that can help caregivers deal with the stress of coping with challenging life roles and responsibilities. Through the creative use of storytelling, stimulating and insightful activities, questionnaires, and the founder’s informative presentation style, professionals and family caregivers are provided with useful and really helpful tools.

Partners on the Path is a WONDERFUL RESOURCE for all individuals who find themselves in a caregiver situation. We have worked with Jane Hamilton for over 10 years and her interactive programs have generated rave reviews by individuals completing these programs at our facility.”

Joan Wagner, RN, MSN, CRNP
Coordinator of Continuing Nursing Education

“As Chief Nursing Officer of a comprehensive cancer center, I see first-hand the difficulties our staff experiences in balancing their professional roles with the needs of their families. Time after time individuals share with me how they struggle, but my listening and emotional support are just not enough.

I also witness how difficult it is for the families of our patients, who play such an important role in their loved one’s journey through cancer. We, professionals, rely on them to assume complex care responsibilities when patients return home. Are we expecting too much? How can we help these caregivers?

Working with Partners on the Path over the past year has given me the opportunity to provide effective tools to both our staff and the families of our patients. These tools take them from problem to solution. We have piloted the complete range of Partners on the Path resources:

  • 1) On-site programs for staff and family caregivers
  • 2) Online CE courses for professionals
  • 3) A book for family caregivers: The Caregiver's Guide to Self-Care: Help for Your Caregiving Journey 
  • 4) Web-based materials for family caregivers, professionals, and organization leaders
  • 5) Consultation to help embed care for caregivers into our practice standards and culture

I know caring takes a toll. It can negatively impact staff performance and satisfaction with their work. Partners on the Path provides five unique mechanisms that have helped our organization address these complex issues.

To other organization leaders I say, consider Partners on the Path as your guidepost to a healthier tomorrow for your staff and family caregivers.”

Joanne M. Hambleton RN, MSN, NE-BC
Vice President, Nursing and Patient Services