Partners on the Path helps professional and family caregivers preserve their health, well-being, and capacity to care by providing research-based, resilience-building resources, in user-friendly online, print, and person-to-person formats.


Partners on the Path is helping to create a world that genuinely cares for caregivers. We envision:

  • Caregivers who care for themselves as they care for others
  • Families and friends who recognize and respond to the needs of caregivers they know
  • Employers with policies and practices that promote caregivers’ work-life balance
  • Community and faith-based organizations that offer supportive, accessible resources…
  • and a society with caregiver-friendly institutions, government policies, and regulations


Care: Promoting health, well-being, and growth in body, mind, and spirit; treating all with kindness and respect.

Compassion: Being present to the concerns and pain of others; focusing attention on their needs; offering empathy, positive regard, psycho-social support, and helpful resources.

Quality: Assuring every product, service, and interaction meets or exceeds customer expectations of cost, outcomes, functionality, timeliness, honesty, and service.

Integrity: Being true to our mission, vision, and values every time we touch our customers.