Our Approach


Reach caregivers through organizations where they work, pray, or seek support.

These organizations are:

  • Businesses whose employees are family caregivers when their workday ends
  • Trade associations and unions whose members and retirees are caregivers
  • Insurers whose policyholders care for ill, elderly, or disabled loved ones
  • Faith-based communities where caregivers worship
  • Professional, condition-related, and community-based organizations that support caregivers
  • Health care, elder care or long-term care providers that employ caregivers or treat their loved ones

How to Support Caregivers in Your Organization

Whether your valued associates are employees, policy-holders, or union members/retirees, you can offer them real support with Help4Caregivers:

  • An easy-to-navigate online platform
  • Curated by a registered nurse & experienced caregiver
  • Hundreds of links, videos & toll-free helplines
  • Simple, 24/7 access to trustworthy information & answers
  • Downloadable caregiving guides, tools & care plans
  • Self-care & resilience strategies for caregivers
  • Inspiration & encouragement
  • The comfort of knowing they’re not alone!


Workshops, Keynotes, and Consultation

For over 25 years, our CEO and Founder, Jane Meier Hamilton has offered workshops, keynotes, and consultations on caregiver wellness. A highly regarded presenter and facilitator, she is a content expert on managing caregiver stress, building resilience, preventing compassion fatigue, and coping with transition.