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At Partners on the Path, we can show you how to provide support to employee caregivers.  We have decades of experience working in organizations, caring for our own loved ones, and supporting other caregivers. We know that despite the joys, caregiving is stressful and can undermine the well-being of individuals and the effectiveness of organizations.

When valued employees become unproductive or unhealthy, distracted or depleted by caregiving when they come to you in distress, what can you offer them? For those you supervise who are juggling work and caregiving responsibilities, the Help4Caregivers Program is here to help!

For Working Family Caregivers — The Help4Caregivers Program

Supporting working family caregivers helps employers. One out of five of your workers is a caregiver. The chronic stress of these valued employees can adversely impact their health, as well as your organization’s productivity and bottom-line. If any of those you supervise are juggling work and caregiving responsibilities, the Help4Caregivers Program is here to help!

Created by a registered nurse and experienced family caregiver, the Help4Caregivers customized, co-branded web portal will help you:
    • Promote employee well-being and productivity
    • Recruit and retain talented employees
    • Reduce productivity and healthcare benefits costs
    • Communicate concern for the welfare of employees

The Help4Caregivers Program is easy for employers to implement. It’s a fully developed platform that can be co-branded for your organization. For your caregiving employees, it provides 24/7 access to reliable decision support tools and online resources for managing caregiving responsibilities and stress:

    • Get the Facts: Hundreds of curated and annotated links to vital caregiving information
    • Talk to Someone: Toll-free helplines & call-center advocates who answer pressing caregiver questions
    • Show Me How: Practical, “how-to” videos on providing care & practicing self-care
    • Answer COVID Questions: Trustworthy, easily accessible links to coronavirus information
    • Practice Self-Care: Proven, practical ways to protect caregiver health and well-being

For more information on how Help4Caregivers can help you and your organization, contact us.


For Professional Caregivers—Care for Caregivers Educational Programs

There are more than 14 million professionals in the U. S. who care for others as part of their job. Some are caregivers both at work and at home. Providing care for those who are ill, dying, and vulnerable is a universal need. It is not always easy to do. Although fulfilling, being a compassionate caregiver can drain energy and good health. Among professionals, work-related stress can develop into burnout or compassion fatigue which compromises the capacity to provide safe, quality care.

Care for Caregivers Educational Programs help your professional caregiving employees retain their productivity, well-being, and capacity to care. Contact hours for professional re-licensure can be offered for programs that include:

    • Burnout or Bonfire: An examination of compassion fatigue in professional practice.
      This program explores the clinician’s risk for compassion fatigue. Using the widely respected Pro-QOL (Version5), participants assess and find ways to recognize symptoms in themselves and colleagues. Individual and organization-based prevention strategies are also examined.
    • Preserving Your Capacity to Care: A self-care program for all professional caregivers.
      Although gratifying, being a compassionate caregiver can take a toll, depleting staff resilience, decreasing their productivity, and undermining their capacity to care. A professional version of The 7C’s of Self-Care helps participants design a healthy self-care protocol.
    • Why and How to Care for Family Caregivers: An awareness-building program for professionals.
      This program is designed for clinicians and others working in health care or social service organizations. Based on current family caregiver data, participants learn practical ways to recognize and respond to family caregivers’ needs in the clinical or residential setting. Resources that can be used in the workplace are provided.

Contact us to see how an investment in caregiver support will yield positive returns in the health and productivity of your employees and organization.