Are you a family caregiver?


Though you may not use the term “family caregiver” or think of yourself in this way, you are if you provide physical care, emotional or social support, if you manage household or personal affairs for family, friends, or neighbors.

Taking someone to the doctor or managing their medications. Handling their finances or helping them move. Cheering them up or calming them down. These are the things family caregivers do for loved ones who are ill, disabled, elderly, or special-needs children.

Studies show that between 45 and 85 million Americans are family caregivers. This is roughly one-third of all adults. Demographic trends tell us that these numbers are growing.

You may not think of yourself as a caregiver. Being a helper may seem more accurate. Just trying to give support, show respect, or gratitude. Lending a hand or spending time with someone important to you may seem like a better description.

Whatever the title it’s important to recognize this role. Why?

Providing care and assistance can be stressful. It can undermine your physical, emotional, and financial health. It can erode your productivity at work and relationships at home. Over time, it can lead you to feel overburdened and alone.

Support from others and your own self-care can help you build the well-being, wisdom, and strength you’ll need for your caregiving journey. Check our family caregiver resources to see how Partners on the Path can help you.