Support Caregiving Employees


How can you support caregiving employees?  They struggle with substantial physical, emotional, and financial strain.  COVID-19 has intensified their challenges…

    • Managing complex health issues & multiple medications with little training and support
    • Juggling caregiving with their other family, home, and work responsibilities
    • Knowing where to turn for trustworthy information, advice & help
    • Feeling isolated or alone; anxious or depressed about providing care
    • Finding time off from caregiving and time for self-care

Whether you call valued associates “employees,” “members,” “retirees” or “policyholders,” they need your support!  If they are unhealthy or unproductive; distressed, distracted, or depleted by caregiving,… 

Help4Caregivers is the help they need!

Created with compassion by a registered nurse and experienced caregiver Help4Caregivers provides 24/7 access to reliable information & answers; solutions & support that every caregiver needs.  What’s included?

Problem Solving & Self-Care Resources for Caregivers

    • Get the Facts: Hundreds of curated and annotated links to vital caregiving information
    • Talk to Someone: Toll-free helplines & call-center advocates who answer pressing caregiver questions
    • Show Me How: Practical, “how-to” videos on providing care & practicing self-care
    • Answer COVID Questions: Trustworthy, easily accessible links to coronavirus information
    • Practice Self-Care: Proven, practical ways to protect caregiver health and well-being

An Innovative, Well-Being Benefit for Your Organization

Help4Caregivers provides everything you need to launch this novel and much-needed offering. All the best-practices in caregiver support have been gathered for you. Our “back-of-the-house” services make implementation easy. Information and training materials help you orient leaders and engage employees. With a modest, yet high leverage investment, you can:

  • Reduce health care benefits costs
  • Promote the well-being and productivity of those in your organization
  • Recruit and retain talented associates
  • Build a culture of caring
  • Demonstrate authentic commitment to the well-being of valued associates
  • Foster respect and loyalty 
  • Distinguish your organization as a pioneer in well-being benefits  

For more information on how Help4Caregivers can help you and your organization, Contact Us