Reducing Caregiver Stress Improves Performance

Self-care resources for your employees
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Regardless of your role or your industry, as an organizational leader, you have caregivers working for you. In healthcare or eldercare, you know the majority of your employees are professional caregivers. But research shows that about 20% of employees across all industries are family caregivers in their “off-work” hours. There are approximately 65 million family caregivers in the US. Over 70% of them report being employed at sometime while providing care. Most are women (66%), caring for a female (62%) relative (86%) who is 50 years of age or older (72%). For caregivers, helping people who are in pain, suffering or traumatized is tough. It puts them at risk for stress-related problems: physical, emotional, financial, interpersonal and occupational. Lack of self-care exacerbates these problems.

Your employees’ caregiver burden or compassion fatigue undermines their work quality and productivity, increases your turnover and health care benefits costs, and negatively affects your bottom-line. Reducing caregiver stress improves performance.

As an organizational leader, what can you do? Create a healthy work environment. Institute policies and programs that promote resiliency, hardiness and social support. Encourage and role-model healthy self-care. These protect caregivers and your organization.

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